IPPUDO was founded in 1985 in Japan’s ramen capital of Hakata by Shigemi Kawahara, the internationally renowned Ramen King. There are over 80 stores in Japan, and globally in places such as New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Sydney and Malaysia. IPPUDO has become the most popular ramen restaurant over the years.

“To continuously innovate to remain true”

IPPUDO ramen is fuelled with innovation. With ramen of the highest quality, hospitable service with attention to detail and unique ambience, IPPUDO aims to create an exquisite and delightful ramen dining experience for its customers throughout the world.

Ippudo's First Store in Japan

Ippudo’s First Store in JapanDaimyo District, Fukuoka City

Founder’s Profile

Ramen is, indeed, cosmos served in a bowl. The delicate balance of ingredients, broth and finely-made noodles is an art form in itself. The ramen chef, on the other hand, is like a consummate story-teller in the kitchen.

Shigemi Kawahara, often dubbed the Ramen King, is the founder of IPPUDO and a charismatic entertainer in the kitchen. He sees the restaurant as a stage where each employee plays a role like an actor. From cooking to serving, every move is choreographed to perfect timing, even down to the moment when the staff bids a customer goodbye.

When Shigemi Kawahara started IPPUDO in 1985, he also created his very own “Tao,” or way, of ramen. His philosophy — to continuously innovate to remain true — is to keep reinventing in the kitchen; redefining recipes for a dish that emerged over 300 years ago. Kawahara’s reinvention of the Hakata-style tonkotsu (pork-based) ramen with its signature delicate, creamy broth, earned IPPUDO its global acclaim.

Ippudo Founder, Shigemi Kawahara

Shigemi KawaharaIppudo Founder